10 Exciting Things To Do With Kids

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Fishing, baking, and playing board games are all fantastic activities to do with kids. But what about when you live far away from the special kids in your life and can’t do these things in person? You're in luck! With Kinoo, you can plan family fun entertainment virtually — no matter where you live.  

If you are like most far-away loved ones, you know the struggle of keeping younger kids engaged during a video chat when the trampoline outside is calling their name.  That is where Kinoo can help.

With Kinoo, you can transform ordinary video calls into awesome shared adventures!  Kinoo calls include games and activities that far-away loved ones play together, right in the call.  You can play in the snow, have a pizza party, or even play charades.

Here are 10 exciting kid-friendly activities to do with kids on your next Kinoo video call:

1. Bake Virtual Cookies

What kid doesn’t love baking cookies with their grandparent? Even if you can’t be in the same kitchen, you can bake virtual cookies together. Using the Kinoo app and “magic” wand, the child in your life can help you measure, slice, and chop the ingredients and whisk them together to bake delicious, digital chocolate-chip cookies. 

Did you know that enjoying time in the kitchen together, whether virtual or face-to-face, has numerous benefits for kids of all ages? One benefit is to engage children in family traditions. Perhaps your family makes a special recipe during the holidays or for special events. Sharing how that tradition started can help build a connection with your grandchild that they will pass on when it’s their turn.

2. Go Fishing

Fishing may not seem like an exhilarating activity, but that’s not the case when you go fishing together virtually during a Kinoo video chat. Your child can cast their fishing line out into the water with a simple flick of the Kinoo wand.

They will be delighted when they see the “magic” wand appear to be an actual rod and reel on screen.  You (the grown-up player) help guide the fish to the bait. When the fish is pulled from the water, it will entertain you both with hilarious antics, making for laughter and smiles whether it’s the first time or the 50th.

3. Blast Off to the Moon

If your little one is an ardent admirer of their local science center, but you can’t take them in person, you can bring the planetarium to your tablet or iPad.

Few words are more exciting than “Three, two, one, BLAST OFF!” Take your young family member on a breathtaking getaway through outer space using the Kinoo video app.

First, you'll need to put on your spacesuit and take some pictures for your space passport. Then, hop in your rocket, and count down so you can blast off to the moon. (Keep your eyes open, and you might see some fun things on the way!) 

Once you're on the moon, you can make your astronaut do some hilarious dances as you explore the surface. When you're ready to cruise back to Earth, hop back in the rocket, and you'll be home in no time.

Grownups, if you tap the lightbulb (top left of your screen) during your adventure, you’ll find tips, prompts, and even some trivia to help you spark a kid-friendly conversation. 

4. Decorate a Cake

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to decorate a three-tiered cake? With Kinoo, you can try your hand at cake decorating (but without the sugar rush).

You and your young family member can decorate the most beautiful or the wackiest cake together. Take turns decorating the cake or add embellishments at the same time. Just be careful pushing the mystery button… You may be surprised by what decorations you get. 

5. Play Memory

Do you remember playing the Memory game when you were a child? The Memory game is the one that had the little tile cards that you flipped over, and each player took turns finding the matches?

With Kinoo, the Memory game has gone digital!  Now, when you flip over the virtual cards, you'll hear different sounds as you take turns to try to make the matches, delighting your little one and helping to keep them engaged in the video call with you.

You can also choose from three levels of play, so kids of various ages can get in on the fun.

Playing together with Kinoo can also help to develop Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. Games like this one help kids learn to play cooperatively and to be a good sport when winning and losing. Puzzle-based games also help teach problem-solving skills (and all while having a lot of fun).

6. Explore the Beach

No matter what season it is or how far away you live from your favorite little one, you can still share a lovely beach day. Tap on the Beach Playset in the Kinoo app, and you can create your own beach scene with beach balls, sailboats, ice cream, and more, plus animated animal characters to share in the fun.

You’ll each have your own stickers to add to the setting. The best part? No one has to clean up all the sand out of your clothes when you're finished. 

7. Have a Pizza Party

Who doesn’t love a delicious pizza party? While you may not be able to enjoy a slice at the same table, you and your grandchild can create your own pizza together on Kinoo.  Choose the toppings you want — from the traditional pepperoni and mushrooms to silly add-ons like pickles and candy. 

You can even use whipped cream to turn your pizza into a tic-tac-toe board. This type of magical, creative play helps build social skills and is a healthy way to cope with stress.

To add an “offline” layer to your pizza party, surprise your little one and their family with a pizza delivered to their door. They will love the surprise, and their parents will thank you, too. Dinner delivered to their door means one fewer item on their to-do list. 

8. Play Charades

Being far apart from the little ones in your family doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all of the memory-making family activities. Using Kinoo to video chat regularly and to play games like charades is an amazing way to stay connected. Just like in the real-life game, you can take turns acting out the prompts on Kinoo, and the other person can guess what you are. 

While the traditional rules for charades prohibit sound, not talking while on a video call can be a challenge. So, in the interest of fun, go ahead and add in some sounds or descriptions to help the guesser, especially if your little charade's partner is on the younger side. 

Not only is playing charades a hoot, but it can help strengthen emotional intelligence in kids by helping them understand their emotions and the emotions of others, which can help them self-regulate and communicate their feelings. 

9. Match the Socks

Can digital matching games be as exciting as arcade games? Well, when you are working together and racing against the clock to match socks with Kinoo, it certainly can be!

In this game, you'll have to work together… or compete to find the pairs and sort them into their baskets: striped or dots. There are three different levels of the game, so you can choose which level is best for your younger partner. 

10. Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots is an activity that has been around for a very long time. Now,  this seemingly-simple activity gets some much-needed excitement, courtesy of Kinoo. During your video chat, you can work together to connect the dots and see what comes to life. You may need to connect numbers, lowercase letters, or uppercase letters (so your little one can master them all!). 

While you are connecting the dots, try and guess what the image will be, and then find out if you are right by finishing the puzzle.  When you are finished, the animation will guide you to the next connect the dot puzzle — a unique twist on drawing and scavenger hunts.

Fun For the Whole Family

Living far from the little ones you love no longer means you can’t have fun playing and learning with them. You may not get to see them in person as often as you’d like, but with Kinoo and its built-in activities, you can keep a close connection and engage with them anytime. 

Kinoo allows the family's littlest members to build strong bonds with the important adults in their lives. With Kinoo, you'll be sure to stay connected and involved with your loved ones as they grow.  


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