Long Distance Grandparenting

Long Distance Grandparenting

Are you far away from your family? Learn all about how you can have that special relationship with your grandchild with the help of Kinoo!


It’s every grandparents’ solemn duty to spoil their grandkids with fun. (We think so, anyway.) Don’t let a little distance stand in the way!




Just because you're not in the same place doesn't mean Grandma can't teach you how to make her world-famous chocolate chip cookies, or that you can’t enjoy movie night with Grandpa! Keep the bond with the beloved elders in your family, and switch up your typical video chats with some of these excellent games and activities. Take a virtual trip together with Kinoo, start a recipe club, or interview them for your late-night (or early-afternoon) talk show debut! 

Kinoo: Video Chat, But Lots More Fun

Does your kiddo want to bake cookies with Grandpa? Play a game with Grandma? Perhaps go on a family fishing trip with both of them? You can easily make it happen with Kinoo — no matter where they are! Kinoo effortlessly connects your family online to take part in family activities, whether you’re near or far. The video communication app uses augmented reality and virtual activities while seamlessly splitting the screen, so you can see each other while playing games, exploring interactive environments, and solving puzzles together. Adding the nifty handheld Kinoo Controller takes the fun to the next level, making on-screen activities more immersive, and creating interactive moments that let grandparents and grandkids feel closer, even when they’re apart. 


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