The Importance of Intergenerational Connection

The Importance of Intergenerational Connection

When older and younger people form meaningful relationships, it improves both groups’ well-being. When younger and older connect, the intergenerational relationships built are a route to success in early life and a key to happiness and well-being in our later years. Investing in, caring for, and developing the next generation are critical ingredients in well-being, particularly as we age.


In this time of social distancing, find creative ways to connect older loved ones with the younger members of your family. So often, technology is blamed for driving apart people, particularly young and old. But there are ways to use technology to connect across distance and generations—and facilitate face-to-face connections.


Whatever you do, do it with love. Planting, tending, and bequeathing to the next generation is the essential human project, one we’ve long understood yet let slip over the past half century. Our task is not to try to be young, but to be there for those who actually are. Embracing this may be the only way we can survive as a more-old-than-young society and bring happiness and fulfillment to all.

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