7 Reasons Why Family Connection Is Important for Seniors

7 Reasons Why Family Connection Is Important for Seniors

For many seniors, having family nearby or involved in their lives gives them a line to the outside world. Even if they’re limited in what they can go do, they can live vicariously through loved ones.


Loneliness is one of the most difficult emotions to deal with. As we age, our social circles may start to shrink. Communication becomes harder, and health issues may keep us from reaching out to others. On top of that, families often struggle to maintain communication across large distances. Seniors who have connections with family lead more fulfilled lives.

Peace of mind

Many seniors feel peace of mind knowing that family is there for them, regardless of physical distance. It’s comforting to know that you have people in your corner who want the best things possible for you.

Improved mental health

Close family connections help seniors feel fulfilled, comforted and loved. This can all lead to a major improvement in mental health. Since seniors connected with family are more likely to have people that care about them around, they’re more likely to get help when they need it. They’re also more likely to have people to vocalize concerns or rant to.

Better brain health

Seniors who have more social interactions keep higher levels of cognitive function longer. Their memories do not deteriorate as quickly as their lonely peers. Seniors who stay in touch with family and close friends also have a lower risk of dementia.

Positive memories

Visiting and spending time with seniors in your life can help bring up or even create new happy and positive memories. This is especially important for people struggling with dementia and other memory issues. Visits that involve the senses–sight, sound, touch, smell and taste–tend to last the longest. Spend time cultivating more sense-based memories.

Longer life

According to the American Sociological Association, seniors with closer relationships to family members were less likely to die within the next fiveyears than other seniors. While having a large friend group can decrease your likelihood of mortality, too, it doesn’t do so on the same level.

Passing on knowledge

Seniors who have more connections with young people thrive. Having the ability to pass on their knowledge and lived experience to the next generation can give seniors a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Children benefit from these interactions, too, including a feeling of belonging and sense of security.

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