Reach Out and Read

We’re collaborating with Reach Out and Read to provide 1,000 Kibeam Wands to families in Oakland and San Francisco during their child’s pediatric check-up.

How It Works

In this program, your child will use their Kibeam Wand to play and interact with the two free books given to you at their well-visit. Wands and books will be provided from June 28 to August 15. Activities for one of the books are available now on our app to add to the wand. You’ll be notified via email when the second book’s activities become available. Stay tuned!

Get Started

You probably walked through these steps at your pediatrician’s office, but in case you need a reminder—or are using a different phone now—here’s how to get started.

Download the Kibeam Wand™ App

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Before getting started, make sure you have:

  • A mobile device such as an iOS or Android 
smartphone or tablet
  • Bluetooth enabled on your device
  • Access to a home Wi-Fi network
  • Your Kibeam Wand USB cable and power adaptor

Set Up Your Wand

Open the Kibeam Wand App and follow the in-app instructions, which include:

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  • Signing in with your email or cell phone number used for the New Worlds Reading Initiative
  • Allowing Bluetooth permissions on your mobile device 
  • Connecting your Kibeam Wand to the Kibeam Wand App 
  • Connecting your Kibeam Wand to Wi-Fi

Add a Book to Your Wand

Make sure the USB cable is plugged into your Kibeam Wand and a power source.


In the Kibeam Wand App, go to My Shelf and see all available books.


Tap on the book you’d like to add to your wand.


Tap the Add Book button.

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Need Assistance?

We’re here to help, whether you’re just getting started or you’re having trouble using the wand or our app.