New Worlds Reading Pilot

Through a partnership with University of Florida’s Lastinger Center for Learning, we are providing free Kibeam Wands to 60,000 families participating in New World’s Reading Initiative to help increase 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders' reading and engagement with wonderful children’s books from Scholastic.

In this program, your child will use their wand to read, play and explore the free monthly books from New World’s Reading Initiative. As each book’s activities become available to put on your wand, you will be notified via email. New titles are being added every few weeks, so stay tuned!

“The activities like searching for things on the page and the sound effects of a rocket launching help my son enjoy understanding what is going on in the book.”

Jennifer R.

“My daughter loves using the wand. The sound is great and it is easy to use!”

Tierra L.

“It's a very fun and interactive way for kids to connect with books. I notice my son plays with it on his own and he is much happier reading now.”

Capucine D.

Get Started

Ready to read and interact with books in a whole new way? Just follow these three easy steps.

1. Download the Kibeam Wand™ App

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Before getting started, make sure you have an iOS 13 or Android 10 or above smartphone or tablet and connect it to a home Wi-Fi. To download the app, choose your app store from your mobile device.

2. Set Up Your Wand

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Open the Kibeam Wand App and follow the in-app instructions. Be sure to sign in with your email or cell phone number used for the New Worlds Reading Initiative. Setup should take just a few minutes.

3. Add Book Activities to Your Wand

Make sure your Kibeam Wand is plugged into a power source.


In the Kibeam Wand App, go to My Shelf and see all available books.


Tap on the book you’d like to add to your wand.


Tap the Add Book button.

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Need Assistance?

We’re here to help, whether you’re just getting started or you’re having trouble using the wand or our app.