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Data Collection and Use: The only personal information we intentionally collect is what you provide to us when signing up for the program, registering your Wand or communicating with customer service. When the Wand is on, we gather technical information about how often and how long the Wand is used, including how and when the Wand is moved around and buttons are pushed. Also, camera captures still images which are intended to be of the books, but it might inadvertently include images of your child. The Wand's microphone will not be used during this program. We use the data to support and troubleshoot issues, provide software updates to the Wand and analyze trends to improve our service. We may share the collected data with Reach Out and Read to help improve and evaluate our service.
By consenting, you agree to Kibeam's collection, use, and sharing of this information as outlined in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which can be found at Kibeam Learning | Spark the Joy of Reading .
*Required for downloading books onto the Kibeam Wand.
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