Welcome To The Kinoo Family

Welcome To The Kinoo Family

At Kinoo, family comes first. Connecting, supporting, encouraging and inspiring parents and grandparents is what we do. Join us and make your family connections more meaningful, and more fun.

Never has the importance of feeling connected been more important to families than this past year. We’ve found ourselves separated and feeling increasingly disconnected from our loved ones. Technology has become our default way of connecting, yet is far from being together in person. 

Kinoo is a community united in our belief in the importance of family connection, and the essential role these connections have for all of us, in particular across generations. The Kinoo community sees a  world where we inspire and support each other and where we help one another grow socially and emotionally. Where we share ideals and encourage authentic human connection.  We are committed to creating the best possible future for children, our families, and our world.


The Kinoo community has been created for families. We are here to inspire, enlighten, and support parents and grandparents to help children thrive and grow with their family’s love, and with the support of the Kinoo community. 


Join us each week for insights from a range of experts in early childhood development, social emotional learning, the importance of play, and the vital role older loved ones play in their younger loved ones lives. 


The Kinoo Family Credo:




C-BRITER is an acronym for seven attributes of deep connectedness among people based upon research in a variety of fields.


It is also our north star for establishing and maintaining critical human connectedness.


Over the coming weeks, we will speak to the questions below for each of these attributes, and offer ideas, games, and tips and how to C-BRITER days in your relationships with your young loved ones.


Caring: How do we show we care for one another within our family? How do we recognize signs of feeling cared for? What early signs of caring and young child, engender them?


Belonging: How do we create a sense of belonging and what is each of our roles within a family to achieve this? How does a young child understand their sense of belonging within the family? How can you help a grandchild feel connected across time and space, and how does a traveling Mom or Dad manage absence with different age children?


Reciprocity: How do we make one another feel that we are listening and being listened to? Should there be equal amounts listening and feeling listened to between an adult and a child?  How can grandparents show they are really listening to grandchildren?


Intimacy: What does it take to be truly, emotionally intimate with one another in various family roles? How can we produce and maintain emotional intimacy across generations? What happens when we achieve this?


Trust: How do we establish trust with children as parents or grandparents and vice versa? What happens when trust is established at a young age? What are some trust games you can play with children?


Empathy: How do we teach empathy to our children and grandchildren? At what age can a child develop empathy and how?  Where is sympathy good and bad?  Can we really step into someone else's shoes?


Respect: What are explicit and implicit signs of respect that an adult shows a child and vice versa? What are appropriate levels of intergenerational respect? How does respect evolve for a child as they grow?


Standby for upcoming fun, surprising, and helpful answers to these questions!


Welcome to the Kinoo community!

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